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Xcaret Destination Wedding

I loved Amparo and Edgar, they’re made to be together, it’s one of the best things of my job to meet with people that has such a strong good vibe, I love it.

Christian Pinto from mediamorfosis, one of the best cinematographers in México recommended my work, and from the first call with Amparo everything went smooth and fun, and to go over the top I ask my great friend Citlali Rico, an ultra talented photographer to join us. (she’s the #1 of the top 10 Fearless photographers Awards)

we make the informal shoot one day before the wedding, here are the pics, give them a look.

Thanks Edgar and Amparo, we all have a great time and loved to be witness of such an amazing ceremony.


ph:Citlalli RicoCitlalli’s great levitation shoot

ph:Citlalli Ricoph:Citlalli Rico

ph:Citlalli Rico ph:Citlalli Ricoph:Citlalli RicoCCitlalli’s great eye!A few hours later, we did another photo shoot, a little more relaxed