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Emma + Magda e.session

Empezando el año con puros 1´s, aqui van 11 pics, tomadas y procesadas el 1-1-11

Me dio muchísimo gusto poderme aventar estas pics para el buen Emma y su novia, Magdalena, en algun lugar del buen desierto de Sonora. rumbo para URES, aprovechando el buen atardecer de estos lugares.

Una buena platicada, unos mejores clicks.

Carmen Elena´s little girls

Carmen Elena is one of my sisters closest friend, I really enjoyed watching their girls, how they look a lot like her mother, who I happend to know from something like 18 years now. Thanks Carmen Elena for letting me do this memories.

Triz Family HMO:SHOOT

It´s great to shoot your BFF family pictures, I love to see how everything evolves in our life and how we become families, I know Triz since Highschool and she was one of my closest friends.

I really enjoyed shooting your family Triz, thanks!

Muñoz Family

My second photoshoot on Hermosillo, Sonora, my cousins Rosella and Jorge, and my great nephews Jorge, Jaris and Diana. here they are.