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Bicycle Wedding in Cabrillo National Monument


Bicycles have changed my life, the idea of riding a bike for exercise has been in my mind for more than a decade, but it was until I arrive to my very beloved “Pueblo Mágico” Tecate that everything got into place for me to do it, you can notice it if you follow my Instagram feed and my very recent birthday gift, a Mountain Wahoo Trek 29er.

But what does all this has to do with the wedding, well, When Maria Estela told me about her plan to do her bicycle wedding at Cabrillo National Monument I was a little over excited, LOL. the idea was just amazing, I loved it and it was worth every run and clic during the ride.

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Fabiola’s Family

Una de las cosas que tienen los aeropuertos es que nunca sabes a quien te puedes encontrar. En esta ocasión me encontre a una buena amiga de la Prepa, Fabiola Flores, y me dio muchísimo gusto ver como tiene una gran familia, dos niños muy divertidos.

Nos fuimos a un parque de East Lake cerca del Lake, jaja.


un abrazo,


New home

When everything practically works spotless and it feels that you’re no longer needed, move, run out of your confort zone.

I’m enjoying to the new life I’m having, sure, there have been some hard balls to catch, but life is great and the sun shines in a diferent angle over here.

What do I love here. well, I have mountains, I actually live in the mountain area, very cold this days, and I love mountains. but I can’t live without the ocean, and one of my favorite places is Sunset Cliffs in San Diego area. this place is amazing.

Getting ready to shoot a Day After bridal shoot I gran this surfer walking out of the waves. I love to live near this vibes, I’m not a surfer but I wish I was one. maybe in my next life.


Sunset Cliffs, San Diego area

A surfer walking out the waves in Sunset Cliffs, San Diego.