Stephanie + Jerome in Toulouse, France

There are moments in life when you can assure everything is possible.

The story behind Jerome and Stephanie’s wedding is beyond my wildest dream and all started a year ago. I was shooting the wedding of a very close friend, Chio and Xavier, a Mexican glam girl Vs. A French amazing dude in Monterrey, México. and Stephanie + Xavier, of course, where at this wedding as guests, so, this is how luck, timing, and givin always your soul to your passion pays off, A year later I was in France, for the first time, making this great couple’s wedding. visiting my friends Chio+Xavier and if this wasn’t enough, my brother and wedrocker Fer Juaristi tag along to test his Leica abilities in a real wedding, and to teach a workshop in Paris.

Dream high and be ready.

  • Imagino quedaron muy complacidos David.
    Son fotos muy “chingonas” captando mucho sentimiento

  • Padrísimas DJ!!! la del novio fumando me encantó y la fiesta te quedó increíble también, Todas. Felicidades!!!

  • These are wonderful DJ, you keep going forward!

  • yeah great photos you were talking about it on the french workshop it’s even better then you told us awesome! ( if you ever need a second shooter ;-)

  • La segunda de la novia en la puerta!!!

  • Power clicks compadre, I great honor to be shooting with you!

  • J’adore ! Waiting for this wedding for so long ;) So great to look at these images ! Amazing frames David ! As Damon said, if you need a second shooter for your next wedding in France, I’m your girl ! Hugs.

  • Están padres y muy chingonas hermano!

  • Muy buen nivel Dj! Exelente Boda Amigo!

  • Que grande y loco eres!!!! Un abrazo doble!! Purita inspiracion!!

  • Poderosos Clicks DJ !

  • Ana

    it feels the european air!! love them!

  • Matonas DJ! Chingones BWs!

  • Parecen escenas de pelicula. Love DJ!

  • Que increible experiencia y muy buenos clicks.

  • bien chingonas dj, están bien maniacas todas las pics, felicidades!

  • What a brilliant set – one of your best! The first two, the pool jump, the 3 church pics, the portrait in the cab, the 1st dance pics, the woman crying in the dance scene, the one after – all masterpieces!

  • Me encantan! Geniales! Pura fuerza creativa la tuya.

  • Genial, que lujo de fotos.

  • grandes retratos de un gran dia!!

  • Estan chingonas las pics David, gracias por compartir tu creatividad compa!

  • Has hecho unas fotos acojonantes! Cuando los novios las vean dentro de veinte años volverán a alucinar…

  • Oh My… Bellisimas, peliculescas. Felicidades !

  • Excelentes Fotografías!!!!

  • Veronica Hernandez

    Chingona boda MR. DJ!!! Que buenas fotos toma uste.

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