Why you should get married in Ensenada, Mexico

by: David Josué

Bride and Groom at Landscape view of Museo del Vino vineyards

Does your dream wedding consist of sandy beaches, exciting cliff tops, great food and everything in between? Then Ensenada is the place to tie the knot.

Bride and Groom landscape ensenada beach
Bride and Groom at Las Rosas Spa and Hotel in Ensenada Baja California

While the city provides ample options in the form of comfortable hotels for wedding ceremonies, the charm of a travel-destination Ensenada wedding is still unchallenged.

Your wedding day is not just a party day for your friends and family, it’s much more than that. It is a sentimental celebration for you and your meaningful other.

Through thick and thin of your marriage, you’ll always look affectionately on your wedding day and still remember the joy you felt while saying “I do”  while getting married on Ensenada México.

bride at casa de piedra valle de guadalupe
Bride at Casa de Piedra, Valle de Guadalupe, Ensenada Baja California, México

Marriage is an adventure of a lifetime. It should be the best episode of your life, and your experience must set your heart racing in the best way imaginable.

Where better to start than an exotic paradise? We are going to introduce you to a place which is just perfect for your wedding. Set yourself free and let the beautiful vibes of Ensenada weddings in Baja California take control of the most awaited event of your life.

You’ll not only have a picturesque backdrop for your wedding ceremony but also a bunch of adventurous activities that you can do right after your nuptial ceremony.

bride and groom at guadalupe valley

From heavenly views to great food, poetic touches should permeate every moment of your adventure abroad.

Say Your Vows atop La Bufadora

Your wedding can’t get more dramaturgic and impressive when it is held at the top of La Bufadora where a spectacular marine geyser explodes upwards, overlooking spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean. After all, it looks just like a scene from a movie made on heavenly places. Blame it on the beauty, and a fantastic collection of surrounding views – La Bufadora wins at taking your wedding to another level.

Just close your eyes and imagine this: Hot salty air flowing through the place, fluttering floral display, bride’s gracefully moving gown and soft romantic background music accompanied by the sound of the crashing waves. The breathtaking sight of the ocean and horizon from afar, with all the emotions you could be feeling at that very moment, you will realize that this is a feast for the senses for sure.

Ensenada Mexico Weddings in These Luxury Beach Hotels

Ensenada offers great beach hotel wedding opportunities, and no one can possibly resist the lure of dark blue ocean, sunny sky, and a relaxed island vibe. The water smashing the rocks is just like music to ears. These are the exclusive features of Ensenada that might be hard to beat. Following are some great Hotels that offer to arrange grandeur Ensenada weddings.

Las Rocas Resort & Spa

If you desire to have the perfect oceanfront wedding where every minute spent would give you a heavenly feeling, then Las Rocas Resort & Spa is the right place for you. From relaxing oceanfront experience to the wedding of your dreams, the pressures of the outside world just simply float away at Las Rocas Resort. Located on a rocky beach, exchange your vows on a cliff overlooking the ocean, throw your wedding party in a private villa and pamper yourself at Rosarito Mexican Hotel.

Punta Morro Hotel

From stunning views of the oceanfront to white tents decorated to perfection, from linens couches to gorgeous floral arrangements, weddings at Punta Morro are an elegant affair. The attractive gazebos by the seashore and the interior garden aside the pool offer an unrealistic spot to exchange your vows. With the scene of the sun setting in the background celebrate your lifelong love and commitment at Punta Morro Hotel.

Hotel Coral Y Marina

Concealed amid tropical lawns and oscillating palm trees, Hotel Coral Y Marina is an oceanfront escape of unmatched elegance. It has introduced the most exceptional oceanfront wedding venue, La Isla. With warming ocean breezes and stunning views, Hotel Coral Y Marina offers a serene and dreamy wedding experience.

Valle de Guadalupe, Ensenada, Baja California

Valle de Guadalupe is Mexico’s most famous wine producing region and is located just a 30-minute drive from Ensenada Baja California. Famous for making artisanal and certified organic wines, it can be a perfect place to visit with your sweetheart as it will make an excellent spot for a passionate day out or post-wedding dinner and drinks with friends.

Bride and Groom at Landscape view of Museo del Vino vineyards

Culture & Food

Ensenada is known for its fresh seafood and vegetables. The food here is just out of this world. You will be able to find great restaurants with nationally and internationally acclaimed chefs. Pair these delicious foods with tasty wine or a cold beer, and you will never forget this pleasant experience. One more thing, do not miss the famous Fish Taco, it is truly amazing.

This beautiful city has a great history, which has been preserved through interesting city heritage building, history and art center and galleries where you can find the work of local as well as international artists being displayed.

Adventure If you are a nature and adventure lover, then Ensenada will not be short of a paradise for you. You can do everything from surfing to sports fishing to golfing. Hiking, mountain biking, camping stargazing and a ton of additional things. During the season, you can get a chance to swim along with the whale sharks or even go on a gray whale watching trip. 

Nature in Ensenada Mexico

Ensenada has got quite an extraordinary share of nature. Along with cliffs, beaches, and different natural beauty, you can find a lot of opportunities to see some magnificent animals. Sea lions can be found on rocks sunbathing at the Malecon in Ensenada, which provides a fantastic chance to watch them up close.

Explore Ensenada’s view with your sweetheart for having the time of your life. 

The cliffs are covered by the seabirds that arrive at the coast looking for nest and breeding. If you are lucky enough to come in the whale season and take the ride on a boat, chances are that you might see Dolphins swimming along with your ship which is an added bonus. Apart from beautiful and lavish Ensenada weddings, nature is at its best in Ensenada.

How to get to Ensenada Baja California

Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, Ensenada is “the wine capital of Mexico.” Now, if you are confused about how to get to this beautiful coastal city, then please be noted that it’s not a difficult task at all. No matter if you drive down or take public transportation, getting to Ensenada is reasonably easy.

Bus: The 5 freeway from California will take you right to the border at San Ysidro. Now you’ll have to walk across the border and make a right on Frontera Street. You’ll come across a bridge and from the bridge you ‘ll be able to see a large sign that will read “Ensenada” This is the bus station in Tijuana. From there you’ll get a bus to Ensenada for just $15 approximately.

Drive: Another option is to drive across the border from San Ysidro. To save yourself from all the frustration of traffic try to travel in the morning. Once you are in Tijuana just follow the signs to Rosarito and Ensenada on Route1.

The ride from Tijuana to Ensenada will take roughly 1 to 1.5 hours. You can enjoy yourself with the scenic views of the hillside, and there are great places to stop by. You can stop in Puerto Nuevo for some Mexican Lobster dinners and get some refreshment. It will be a memorable drive with your sweetheart.

The “Cinderella” of the Pacific Ocean is located 70 miles south of the international border and is a 90-minute drive from San Diego. Now, there are three ways to get to Ensenada.

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